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Insectivorous Plant Traps

 A story about a mysterious plant that eats insects.

 Text: Misaki Kitani

 Picture: Takuhiko Yokoyama

 Supervised by Mitsuyasu Hasebe

    Written by Osamu Nishida

 Kaisei-sha (2019)


Anus, Going to the Sea

 Created by Mitsuko Kudo

 Illustrator: Takuhiko Yokoyama

 Iwasaki Shoten (2018)


A Small World in My Field: Treasures from the Miracle Apple Orchard

 Author: Akinori Kimura

 Illustration: Takuhiko Yokoyama

 Supervisor: Shuichi Sugiyama

 Express Media Publishing (2015)

Surprising Plants: The Illustrated Book of Mysterious Plants

 Author: Misaki Kitani

 Illustration: Takuhiko Yokoyama

 Seibundoshinkosha (2014)


Insecticide Notebook

 Written by Musimoazel Giriko

 Responsible for the practical cut illustrations of this book

 Kanzen (2013)

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