drawing and painting Process

These illustrations were drawn and painted mainly by using Photoshop and CLIP STUDIO

A nymph (pharate adult) of large brown cicada, Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata.

Four individuals of nymphae were dissected to observe inside of old nymphal skin, especially to know folding patterns of new adult wings. But soon after removing old skin, adult skin starts to turn darken probably because of the effect of phenol oxidase against their hemolymph. It was conflict against limitation of time.

Larva of the Japanese rhinoceros beetle

A larva of Japanese rhinoceros beetle, Allomyrina dichotoma

During making, especially hard part was that the drawing of hairs of this insect in the finishing stage. The hairs were drawn at other layer. When the layer is displayed only, it looks like man's chest hair that removed with adhesive tape.

Aspidomorpha difformis

An adult of tortoise beetle, Aspidomorpha indica

The rim of pronotum and forewings of this insect are partially transparent. Therefore the painting is made to be actually transparent.

Jewel scarab

An adult of beetle, Chrysina strasseni