Events and Workshops

Here is a list of past events including talk shows and workshops.


Insect-Eating Plants Exhibition 2021

Searching for Mistakes of insects & Panel Display of "The Mysterious Plants Illustrated Book".


Takuhiko Yokoyama's miniature drawings of insects and plants were exhibited during the "Insect-Eating Plants Exhibition 2021" at the Osaka Botanical Garden, Sakuya-Konohana-Museum.


Cooperation: Seibundoshinkosha


Special Talk Show on "The Traps of Carnivorous Plants"


A special talk show was held at Sakuya Konohana Museum in Osaka for the picture book "The Cages of Carnivorous Plants".

Together with the author, Ms. Misaki Kitani, I talked about the wonders of insectivorous plants and the episodes leading up to the completion of the picture book.

In the morning, an insect painting workshop was also held. The event was a great success, with many children drawing pictures of insects.



A special panel display of the picture book "Traps of Insectivorous Plants" at Kaisei-sha and Sakuya-kohana Museum


A special panel display of the picture book "Traps of Insectivorous Plants" was held at the "Plants that Eat Insects" exhibition at Sakuya Konohana Museum in Osaka.


Sakuya Konohana Museum Website


Interview on HIROMAGA


An interview with Hirosaki University graduates was featured on the web magazine "HIROMAGA".




Article in the newspaper "Toh-oh Nippo".


The newspaper of my hometown Aomori, "Toh-oh Nippo" published an article on "Insectivorous Plant Traps".



Lantern Art x Honeybee Summit Collaboration Lantern


The "Honeybee Summit," which was in charge of the artwork, collaborated with the "Tsukuba Lantern Art 2019.

The Honeybee Summit lanterns lit up the winter night.


Exhibition in commemoration of the publication of "The Traps of Carnivorous Plants".


In commemoration of the publication of my picture book, "The Traps of Carnivorous Plants", I held an exhibition of my rough pencil drawings at the cafe "Yayoi-zaka Green Bookshelf" in Nezu.


Yayoi-zaka Green Bookshelf" in Nezu Website



The event was held to celebrate the publication of the picture book "Anus, going to the sea".


In commemoration of the publication of the picture book "Anus, going to the sea", a reading session and workshop was held at LALA Garden TSUTAYA in Tsukuba City.

All animals, including us humans, live by eating food out of our mouths and pooping out of our butts. The theme of the workshop was that the body of an animal is a tube, and we used the tubes to make original animals. The finished animals pooped out from their hips when food was put into their mouths. This was a big hit with the children who participated in the workshop.